tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Bringing colour into my life ☉☉☀☉☉

After a very long and dark winter coloured in dark hues, it's time for some colour! So here are some glimpses of colour that surrounds me nowadays.

We are painting one of the walls in the livingroom and decided to NOT choose white, beige or grey! My sis suggested bright yellow, but it seems that noone can make that colour because they stopped making the needed base colour.. So now I'm into the petrol greenish blue... The macron color is NOT for the wall, but maybe a pillow or something. (Can't be too wild)

Yesterday I had acupuncture and on the floor by the entrance I spotted a beautiful and bright rainbow. Made me smile! Look at those vibrant colours!

I also try to include colour in my cooking. This fruit is indeed filled with the strongest colour! When cutting this one, the juice splashed everywhere and the stains on the wall were almost impossible to remove.

Why am I writing in english now? To improve my english, to do something else, to trick international readers to actually read my blog, because I want to, just because. But tomorrow I might change my mind.

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