mandag 16. juli 2012

Milo Dakota Donatello

We love this little man, but when summer and vacation time comes, he creates a little problem for us. All of our family members (the grown ups at least) have become allergic to him! It's itching all over and sneezing, runny noses and eyes. So in order for us to have a vacation, this fella needs to stay in a hotel for cats. Luckily there are a couple not too far from here. But any hotel isn't good enough for our precious Milo. We want him to be a happy cat at the end of the summer! Thankfully we've found a nice place where they genuinely love cats. He gets his own room (not a cage) with a cat door that leads to an outdoor area just for him, with branches and grass, and he's able to see the other cats as well. Also he gets cuddled at least a couple times a day. So we leave him there with a clear conscience, knowing that he is well taken care of!

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