fredag 11. november 2011

Today is like any other Friday

Morning sky 11.11.11

Midday nap.

Afternoon fog 11.11.11

Birds in the sky.

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Judith sa...

Lovely pic's..and i love your origami paper cranes in a previous post. When my 2 daughters were younger we used to make lots of them and hang them around our home..i still have some and you have inspired me to try folding some again! In Chinese folklore the crane is supposed to live for a thousand years..if a sick person folds 1000 paper cranes,the god's will grant a wish and make one healthy again! :)

nadja sa...


Maiken sa...

Thank you Judith, how great that you were inspired! It's so much fun folding! These I made for my tiny nephew so that he can have something nice to look at :) I love the Chinese folklore story! :)